Monthly Membership


Yoga Dawning is pleased to offer a monthly membership program for online yoga classes offered via Zoom Video Conferencing. This membership is an easy way to pay for your classes on a regular basis rather than paying for each class individually. This subscription is an automated billing through PayPal. Your payment will be automatically collected at the beginning of the billing cycle based on the day you sign up for the subscription program. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service. If you prefer not to have a PayPal account, you will click on the last box in black that says "Debit or Credit Card". This allows you to register as a guest and not through a PayPal account. 


The program fee is $111.00 for unlimited monthly online classes. I currently offer 3 classes a week so this membership saves you $33 per month instead of paying $12 per class. Please click the link below to register as a monthly subscriber.

After you set up your monthly membership, you will still need to register for each class you wish to attend so I know to send you the Zoom link to enter the class. You will use the same registration calendar on my website. There is a drop down selection for each class that says "Member". When you select this option, it will register you for class, but will not charge you the class fee.

I look forward to holding space for you and sharing yoga classes online with you!