Guided Meditations

Below are a few guided meditation offerings with some that are free to download. If you enjoy these meditations, it is helpful to me if you share them with your friends and family. I put a lot of love and peace into my offerings and the more people meditating and working on their physical, mental and spiritual health, the more all of us will be affected positively. I do request that if you purchase a meditation that you not share the downloaded file. That purchase is specific to you and is an energetic exchange. I appreciate your help in keeping the integrity of that system.

If you feel inclined to support me in creating meditations and videos, you can click on the secure link here to make a contribution. These offerings are an energetic exchange and I am grateful you are here.



For those of you seeing the length of the body scan for sleep meditation and thinking you can't meditate for 1 hour, know that this is a great beginner meditation and requires nothing from you but to listen and go to sleep. The above track is 17 minutes of guided talk down to help relax you then the background music continues to play softly for the rest of the track before it fades slowly allowing you to drift to sleep. The music will end automatically and the next thing you know, you will wake in the morning from a restorative slumber. Give it a try and share it with someone you know who needs help sleeping or relaxing.


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


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Image by Alvin Mahmudov